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    Thread: 1999.5 mkIV JETTA VR6 won't stay running....

    1. 12-30-2004 12:13 AM #1
      I have been without my 1999.5 MKIV VR6 for 4 months.... It started one day when my car wouldn’t start at work. I checked the coil pack and it was cracked so I went out and got a new one. The car ran for a few days and then left me stranded again, this time the car would fire and then quit immediately.
      I had it towed to the closest VW repair shop and they told me the ECU was dead - no communications in or out. They sent me to the stealership to get it covered under "warranty".
      They replaced the ECU but couldn’t program it properly told me there was a grounding problem and proceeded to take $1k of my cash to find a loose ground on one of the injectors.
      The car still wouldn’t start but they felt they had fixed the problem. The computer was reporting misfires on cylinder 1. They then told me that the timing was off and I needed to shell out an additional $3k for a new timing chain. When I asked them if it would fix the problem they told me that they didn’t know.
      The car was sent back to my local mechanic since he thought that even if it was the timing chain (highly unlikely - his words) he would be able to do it for much less. My mechanic checked everything on the engine and found that there didn’t seem to be a signal coming out of the ECU to the ignition coil. He also found that the ECU was programmed for a beetle and not programmed for my Jetta. I purchased a reconditioned ECU when the mechanic couldn’t get the one in my car to work properly and now the car still acts the same. It will turn over, the RPM's start to rise to about 1800rpm and then it just quits it only takes about 3 seconds for it to start and then quit. If anybody has ideas I'd love to hear them...My mechanic is out of ideas and I am out of money...Please help if you have any ideas!!!
      When my car worked it was awesome, great acceleration and good gas mileage, around 27 mpg all day long. I put 34K on it in the first 8 months I owned it and wish I could get back into the drivers seat again.
      Thanks for any help / advice (other than trash it - I have already heard that) I really appreciate it!

    2. 12-30-2004 08:04 AM #2
      I would start by having the car scanned for codes. If there are any, it may help indicate what the problem is (especially since it sounds electrical/signal in nature). If you can get the codes, post them here so we can give you some better advice.

    3. 01-05-2005 01:42 PM #3
      I just spoke with the mechanic on my car. This is where he is at, he says that the only time the ignition (coil pack) has any power is for a brief second when the key is cycled on or off. He has been unable to determine where the interupt to the power may be. Occasionally the car will start when it is cranked but it only stys powered for a few seconds and then dies.
      I will try to get the codes that the ECU is reporting.
      Any thoughts?

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