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    Thread: Funny & | Clever Usernames

    1. Member
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      Apr 26th, 2001
      1987 8v GTI (sold), 1997 GTI Jazz Blue Driver's Ed. 2013 Carbon Steel Gray Wolfsburg
      04-03-2002 03:35 PM #1
      Usernames are the vanity license plates of the forums. Which ones catch your eye or make you stay 'ooh, clever!, wish I'd thought of that!'?

      My favorite ones are the funny ones that make me laugh!

      I'll start:

      I like 'dubweiser', 'debigulator' (for some reason this one makes me smirk)

      My current fav is 'Lord of the Blings' -- man I laugh even when I type it. I cant not crack up ever time I see this name in the forumns or classifieds. Too funny!

      What other ones ya got?

      -- rob

    2. Geriatric Member Obin Robinson's Avatar
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      Oct 20th, 2000
      League City, Texas
      2001 Boxster, 2012 Kia Soul
      04-03-2002 03:36 PM #2
      "Shortbus" makes me giggle because i'm easily amused.


      "We're society's crowbar. They hate us, they never want to acknowledge the dirty jobs they give us to do, but when the job is done they never throw us away - they just slip us back in the toolbox until they need us the next time. And there will always be a next time."-Jim Hooper. Beneath the Visiting Moon: Images of Combat in Southern Africa

    3. Member
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      Apr 26th, 2001
      1987 8v GTI (sold), 1997 GTI Jazz Blue Driver's Ed. 2013 Carbon Steel Gray Wolfsburg
      04-03-2002 03:39 PM #3
      I almost embarrased myself at work when I read that one. People near by could hear me muffle snickers into my sleve as I lay face down on my desk laughing.

      hehe "shortbus" - I like it too..


    4. 04-03-2002 03:40 PM #4
      Son of a B...5er

    5. 04-03-2002 03:40 PM #5
      A friend of mine (whose whife has very large bosoms) is thinking of getting her a plate that says "DUBBLE D" for her Jetta
      Quote Originally Posted by 20aeman View Post
      No, the real enthusiast vehicle would be the RX8. It combines V12 Lamborghini gas mileage with Hyundai Genesis 4cyl. performance.

    6. Senior Member VWVan's Avatar
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      Feb 17th, 2000
      Langley, B.C.
      2007 Ford Fusion SUX, school bus turning radius edition
      04-03-2002 03:40 PM #6
      I like Spongepants SquareBob are whatever the hell that name is

    7. 04-03-2002 04:10 PM #7
      I always like underpants_gnome but Lord of the Blings has got to take the cake

    8. 04-03-2002 04:11 PM #8
      hehehe... Lord of the Blings...

    9. Senior Member Son's Avatar
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      Aug 10th, 2000
      Finland, The EU
      '09 VW Golf VI 1.4 TSI, '09 Cannondale Six 105, '13 Trek Fuel EX 9.8
      04-03-2002 04:12 PM #9
      Thank you!

      Lord of the Blings is one of my favorites, too.

      [Modified by Son of a B...5er!, 11:13 PM 4-3-2002]

      Previously known as Son of a B...5er!

    10. 04-03-2002 04:16 PM #10
      far from mugen

    11. 04-03-2002 04:36 PM #11
      What exactly does this have to do with cars? Anyways, now that I'm done being an ass, I like shortbus too.

    12. Member Thumper's Avatar
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      Sep 11th, 2000
      04-03-2002 04:42 PM #12
      I personally think that 99A3VR6 is the best.

      haha.... with that said.... "Lord of the Blings" gets my vote.

      TCL lurker with binge posting tendencies.

    13. 04-03-2002 04:43 PM #13
      I like "jastevenson." It is funny and original!!

    14. 04-03-2002 04:54 PM #14

    15. 04-03-2002 04:56 PM #15
      i liked Mr Roboto

    16. Member ClownCar's Avatar
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      Feb 16th, 1999
      Toronto, ON, Canada
      2009 Mercedes GL320 Bluetec, 2009 Mercedes B200
      04-03-2002 04:58 PM #16
      Sorry, this is off-topic.
      Yarp or narp?

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