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      2.0T FSI Stock vs Stage 2+ Question

      Last month I put my stock 2007 GLI Fahrenheit on on Dynojet and measured 186whp in 4th gear. After that, I installed a Carbonio CAI, Noise Pipe Delete, APR 3" TBE, Forge DV, APR Intercooler, HPFP rebuild and a Stage 2+ ECU Flash. I put it on the Dyno this morning and it only measured 239whp on the 93 octane setting. I was very dissapointed. I thought I would have got at least 255whp. Is this normal? I am wondering if anyone else has dyno results with APR Stage 2+.

      Also, it seems that when I am at WOT I have a second or two pause around 4000rpm where the boost and HP drop and after the pause it kicks back in and continues revving up. I am uncertain what is causing this. I didn't have this problem before my mods. Any ideas, coilpack, N75? My boost peaks at 22psi but it doesn't seem to hold very well. I hooked up my VCDS and there are no fault codes. Does anyone have any ideas of what I need to do? Thanks

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      Checked your cam follower?
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      If your losing boost when you are pulling then all of a sudden it's like the turbo shuts off and feels like a normal 2.0 then you are having the exact same issue I am having but haven't had the extra $$ to get it looked at. I'm thinking it might be the N75 though.
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      I had the technician at APR Tuning replace my cam follower when he rebuilt the HPFP. My car has 31.5K on it and the cam follower he pulled out looked OK.

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      If your losing boost when you are pulling then all of a sudden it's like the turbo shuts off and feels like a normal 2.0 then you are having the exact same issue I am having but haven't had the extra $$ to get it looked at. I'm thinking it might be the N75 though.

      I didn't have this problem before my mods. I'll have to call APR Tuning and see if this has something to do with the HPFP rebuild.

      Any Stage 2 dyno results out there?

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      The 239 WHP sounds right around where you should be to me. Maybe just a little low but not bad. Most dyno sheets I've been able to find are right around there but with less upgraded hardware than you.
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      Peaking at 21psi then tapering off sounds about right. It also will depend on your geographical location as the APR software will take elevation, humidity, temp, etc into consideration. After going to Stage 2+ I had a similar issue and all I did was take the pump off and reseat the cam follower and pump. Sometimes they just don't seat 100% properly and that's all it takes. If your N75 was bad then you'd more than likely just have case pressure build up and put you about stock boost numbers (5-7psi).

      However, the only true way to figure it all out is to hook up VAGCOM and run some logs. You can then send those logs over to Aaron at APR (or whomever) and they're usually nice enough to look the over and tell you what's going on.

      239whp seems about right though (sad to say). I hit 244whp iirc.

      I've thought about possibly trying out REVO but I paid so much for this tune that I'm invested in making it work. Oh well.

      Good luck...

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      2+ puts you in the 280-290 hp at the crank so the 240 whp range is where you should be....

      Keep in mind its a KO3.... only so much that lil' guy can do
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      Don't sweat it. You're low, but still nice power.

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      Thank you for all of the information. I live in the Fort Walton Beach area which is at sea level. The guy that did the Dyno did mention that maybe my turbo just can't keep up. I'll have to pull off the HPFP tomorrow and take a look at how the cam follower is seated.

      I do have a VCDS and I am still learning it. I found a DIY in the forum about how to log. I took it out yesterday and did two 3rd WOT logs. My boost was all over the place. I want to try it again and use a higher sampling rate. I guess I'll have to wait and see what APR has to say. I still think I should be getting more than 239whp.

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      lets see the dyno. the fuel pump only gives a few extra PEAK hp than stage 2 so the 239hp means virtually nothing (other than acceptable) without seeing the full hp and tq curve. Stage 2 plus helps most under the curve not the peak number.

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      How soon did you dyno after the stage 2+ reflash? My Tuner said it takes awhile to learn the new mapping.
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      I got my ECU flashed on 23 Apr and dyno'd on 27 Apr. Below are my dyno graphs. The first one I did was before I did any mods to my car and the second is Stage 2+ at 93 octane. Unfortunately I could not get torque. We could not figure out how to connect the probe to get a good tach signal. I did expose some wires going to the coil packs with hopes of connecting to one of the wires to get a good signal for the second dyno. But I forgot to take my Bently with me and I forgot which wire to try. I tried two different wires but no luck. Notice the drop in whp in the second graph. That is what I am trying to figure out what is going on.

      Stock Dyno

      Stage 2+ Dyno

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      if your boost is erratic then you have an issue some where. DV, PCV, n75, maybe a small leak. The logs should be able to tell you or at least narrow it down.

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