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    Thread: 2007 Jetta Brake Change help

    1. 04-27-2012 11:21 PM #1
      I initially posted this on the other thread, but it occurred to me that many of you may be ignoring that thread since it is so old. Please forgive the repost here:

      Hope you guys can help me here. I am stuck.

      I've got a 2007 Jetta. I'm in the middle of doing the rear brakes, and two things have me hung up:

      1) The driver's side caliper was replaced under warranty about 50k miles ago. It appears that they installed the caliper carrier using some sort of non-standard bolts. The problem is my 14M triple-square driver is too big, but the 13M from the kit I bought is too small. Any idea what kind of fastener that could be?

      I stuffed some pla-doh into it, and I can verify that it has 12 points, like the triple-square drives. Its just a tad smaller than the 14M. (And, FWIW, I'm pretty sure I didn't get a dud driver when I bought these since the 14M worked just fine on the passenger side).

      2) I got a caliper resetter tool, but I don't know how to use it. I was assuming that the Jetta would use the attachment with the two posts so that the piston rotates as it is retracted, but the piston on my passenger side caliper will not rotate in the least. Do I have that right? Is it supposed to rotate as it retracts?

      3) Assuming they rotate, what direction (ie, CW/CCW?) My kit has both.

      Thank you for any advice you might have!!!

    2. 04-28-2012 12:12 AM #2
      Quick correction...

      I double checked, and the next size down in my driver kit is a 12M, not 13M. I don't have a 13M.

      Maybe that's what I need? If so, where do you get one? I've searched the net, and can't find any evidence there is any such thing.

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