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      Hard starting, 43k miles, 08 GTI

      Have had the car since 30k miles. Runs very well - 2 issues.

      After the car is HOT as in, a decent highway cruise and I exit and am sitting at a light at the exit ramp - my idle feels like its missing slight. The revs dont budge, but I can definitely feel what feels like misfires in the peddles and steering wheel. Its not BAD but its just like slight vibrations.

      Over I'd say the past 2 months, starting the car has been a little off.

      It has to turn over a couple extra times before it catches and idles well. Once its running, it feels fine. The car gets driven daily, so its not sitting for extended periods of time. But this hard start basically only happens in the mornings when the car is cold. (As in 80 degrees F, I live in south FL.)

      Today the motor SHOOK as it was catching and finally starting.

      New plugs. Recently had the PVC recall done. Otherwise car is in excellent maintained condition. 93 fuel all day long. Have tried different gas stations, hasnt changed a thing.

      No check engine lights. Any ideas guys?

      Think its just gunked up intake valves??

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      Any engine mods? Have you inspected the cam follower recently?

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      Same exact three issues here with my GLI at 73,000 miles, no mods here. I'm about to check the cam follower. I get that shaking sometimes when starting as well. Anxious to see what others think about this.

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      Flashed to APR Stage 1.

      No engine mods besides an intake.

      Cam follower is nearly new, and I pulled the previous one out in excellent shape. So cam,pump,follower can basically be ruled out.

      Thanks for the input guys.

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      Member rickjaguar's Avatar
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      Apr 23rd, 2009
      Van. Island, BC
      Hows the MAF sensor look? perhaps getting oily from intake filter?

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      Not sure if that would be causing the issues? I have electronics parts cleaner I'll clean it off tomorrow before I start my car.

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      Member Krieger's Avatar
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      May 5th, 2009
      Orlando, FL
      can also unplug it to rule it out.

      im thinking carbon issues, but best to pull all plugs and check em for lean or rich conditions, and then plan on pulling the manifold.

      btw, the pcv could ALREADY be bad agaim.
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      Member rdjr74's Avatar
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      Jun 26th, 2007
      I'm in the same boat. At idle it's barley noticeable but it's present. No mods at all and all the prone to failure parts have been replaced. New coils and plugs as well. Need to do the carbine cleaning soon.

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