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    Thread: How long will a slipping clutch last?

    1. 06-01-2003 09:29 AM #1
      Question for a friend of mine. Search turned up no useful results, so here goes-
      He's got a 1998 Golf with the 2.0 with about 71,000 miles. Lately, he's said that his clutch seems like it's slipping when he starts off in first or second and accelerates hard. The RPMs climb, but the speed of the car doesn't seem to climb nearly as much as it should. It does accelerate, but at a much slower rate than expected. Doesn't happen all the time, but enough to make him worry. Is this the "slipping" we hear everyone talk about? We're gonna try the tests we've found in other posts later today, such as accelerating hard in 4th and trying to start off in 5th...
      So if it is slipping, how soon does it have to be replaced? He probably go with a performance clutch upgrade with lightened flywheel when he does get it done (great excuse for a new mod), but he's trying to buy time to save up enough money for a decent upgrade. Can he still drive around on this thing, or does it need to be replaced asap? What will happen if he leaves it for a few months?

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      06-01-2003 11:51 AM #2
      it will last for a little while, but just get more and more annoying, like it will start slipping in all gears and make accerating almost impossible. as long as he doesn't give it too much gas it shouldn't slip that much. hope this helps

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      06-01-2003 12:04 PM #3
      mine slipped a little when I got the car at 63k, I knew I'd have to get it replaced but hopefulyl not for a while, at around 68k it was getting really bad, and at around 69k I was going up a hill and it slipped to around 4500 rpm when I should have been doing around 2500, that weekend I took it to my mechanic 2 hours away, and driving up hills on the highway the rpms would climb and when I got to the mechanic I drove it right into a service bay, because that clutch was totally done.

    4. 06-01-2003 12:26 PM #4
      A Clutch can slip as long as you can milk it. If you can adapt to the clutch you can squeeze 10-20k out of it no problem. If it slips too much just stop using it. I had a blown syncro, so even with the clutch it grinded but it also taught me to rev the car in such a way that the clutch wasn't needed.

    5. 06-01-2003 05:30 PM #5
      Quote, originally posted by FroOch »
      A Clutch can slip as long as you can milk it. If you can adapt to the clutch you can squeeze 10-20k out of it no problem.

      Yeah, I had to milk mine for 3 give me time to save and I had to take care of other stuff before doing the clutch.
      Quote, originally posted by FroOch »
      ...also taught me to rev the car in such a way that the clutch wasn't needed.

      Doesn't that wear out the clutch faster???

    6. 06-01-2003 06:02 PM #6
      Quote, originally posted by RacinJetta »
      Doesn't that wear out the clutch faster???

      No because at that point your not using the clutch. The only thing that can go bad or wear would be your syncros.

    7. 06-01-2003 07:30 PM #7
      Does it depend on how the car's equipped or is there a general RPM where one can shift w/o using clutch pedal?

    8. 06-01-2003 09:16 PM #8
      It just depends on the RPM's. This is what you do... find an empty road and gently accelerate. With two fingers, apply steady pressure on the shifter from 1st two 2nd. When your at the proper RPM's the shifter will slide right in to the next gear.

    9. 06-01-2003 09:18 PM #9
      i had a clutch that was slipping when i threw it into second hard, it did it for a while, sometimes a slight grind, sometimes it shifted fine, then it went one day...threw it into second and it just went...itll drive up to like 4000 rpm but if i give it too much gas then it revs up and slips, time for a new say replace it asap, its annoying when your car doesnt drive the way it should, or should be driven...

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      06-01-2003 10:31 PM #10
      I've been taking it easy on my bad clutch around 6months so far. Damn bills keep poppin up from no where.

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